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A Legacy Program

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Vision & Mission

Yet, charities in Hong Kong are not equipped with legal or marketing knowledge to effectively promote legacy giving.

Around the world, gift in wills is an increasingly important source of funding for many charities. People leave gifts to charities in order to honour a loved one, support a cause, or be remembered.

Your most impactful gifts start here.

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Our vision is a world where everyone can leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the causes closest to their hearts.

Our mission is to make it easy for your supporters to give and charities to receive the most impactful gifts.


Hong Kong has no lack of individuals who are ready to leave gifts to charities in their wills

Mr. Wong (aged 48)

Mr. Wong (aged 48)

Parent to 3 dogs Dogs are my life! They are my playmates, soulmates, and family. I can’t bear the sight of abandoned dogs... [Click to read on]

Ms Lee (aged 53)

Ms Lee (aged 53)

Domestic violence survivor There was a time when I had to live in fear every day. My ex-husband would beat me leaving me in wounds and tears. My biggest concern was the safety of my daughter... [Click to read on]

Mr. Tang (aged 60)

Mr. Tang (aged 60)

A music lover To remember my father, and as a gift of love to him, I have pledged to donate part of my estate to a non-profit organisation that promotes classical music to our younger generation... [Click to read on]

Mrs. Ma (aged 36)

Mrs. Ma (aged 36)

Daughter of cancer survivor My mom passed away from cancer when she was my age. It was a big blow to me... [Click to read on]


Now is the time to invest in legacies

HK$14.7 trillion of wealth will be transitioned to the next generation within the next 10 years


It only takes 30 minutes to make a will


A Will-From-Home

Your supporters can submit their wishes in an online form, or call our hotline from the comfort of their homes. When the will is ready, it will be mailed directly to your supporter for signing.

Written by Lawyers

Each will is drafted and vetted by a qualified lawyer in our network to ensure that your supporters’ wishes are accurately reflected, and to give them a peace of mind.

Say thank you

If your supporter consents, we will pass their contact details to you so you can thank them and keep in touch.


We empower your charity with:


A Charities Directory that Features your Organisation

⬤  More exposure, more donations

⬤  Be seen among the legal profession


Professional Legal Assistance

⬤ Lawyers to Draft Wills

⬤ Legal Enquiry Hotline

⬤ Lawyers to give Seminars



A Simplified Will-Writing Journey

⬤ Tailored Webpage  

⬤ Online Will Creation System  

⬤ Phone Support

⬤ Lawyers to Draft Wills  

⬤ Delivered to the door

Data Reports

⬤ Donation Amounts

⬤ Donors’ Demographics


Other Marketing Support

⬤ Marketing Manual  

⬤ Promotional Content Templates  

⬤ Staff Training

⬤ Donors Slideshow  

⬤ Webinars for Charities

Your most impactful gifts start here.


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No matter what causes you support or work you do, your charity is welcome to collaborate with us for greater impact.

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