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Leave a Legacy to

End Poverty

Be remembered for contributing to the fight against poverty for many generations to come


Leave behind a story like no other

"Equal access to education should be available to all children to help them flourish. That’s why I’ve made a will to donate part of my legacy to Oxfam Hong Kong – I want to help more children through education and poverty alleviation programmes. I’m glad that my gift will carry my legacy forward to build a brighter future for children."


Ms. Leung

(An Oxfam Hong Kong Monthly Donor & Future Legacy Donor)

An altruistic donor who generously supported Oxfam Hong Kong’s work for over two decades. Although he was reserved and modest, he would regularly send generous donations to Oxfam Hong Kong. True to his quiet nature, he left a gift to the organisation without them knowing until he passed away. His magnanimous contribution is enabling Oxfam to continue to fight poverty across the globe.


An Oxfam Hong Kong Supporter of Over 20 Years

& Legacy Donor


Make a Will in 3 Steps




Submit Your Wishes

To get started with your Will, simply submit your wishes through email (hi@forevergift.hk), our online form, WhatsApp or our telephone hotline (+852 5468 3635). 


Apart from your charity gift, you should also tell us matters such as how you wish to distribute your other assets, who should execute your Will and so on.  The whole process takes about 30 minutes.



Lawyer Drafts Your Will


A qualified lawyer in our network will then draft your Will to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected, giving you a complete peace of mind.




Sign & Witness Your Will

When your Will is ready, we will arrange to have you sign it at the lawyer's office. The lawyer will explain the contents of the Will and confirm them with you, then witness your signature of the Will.

What do you care about?


As a supporter of Oxfam Hong Kong, it is likely that you have always believed in the importance of fighting against poverty and its injustices. You may have also volunteered your time at/donated to the organisation and seen how lives have been radically transformed through its advocacy and humanitarian work.


Whether responding to a crisis, or educating the community, Oxfam Hong Kong has always been on the frontlines with a clear mission and purpose.


Organisations like Oxfam Hong Kong can only continue their work effectively with long-term supporters like you.

story 1.jpg

Ping, furloughed after COVID-19 hit and packs Oxfam Give A Meal meal kits

"[Give A Meal] is a good project. It can help both low-income families and unemployed women like us. I’m glad that I have this part-time job during this difficult time. Through this project we have also learnt about nutrition, healthy eating and food safety. The skills we’ve learnt are useful for our future development."

Story 3.jpeg

Razia, Rohingya refugee and participant in Oxfam’s income boosting project so refugees in Cox’s Bazar can meet their basic needs

"We got the opportunity to use our skill by making masks during this COVID situation in saving people's lives, also we are earning some money."

Be the change

you want to

see in the world.

– Ghandi

Leaving a gift in your will to a charity could make a big difference. What would be your reasons for making a gift?

Be Remembered


Make a mark in history. Pass on your passions, values and beliefs to future generations.

Support a Cause


Continue to fight for the cause you believe in, and make the world a better place.

Honour a Loved One


Make a gift in the name of someone you care deeply about as a way of paying tribute to those who have made a difference in your life.


Professional Support from Lawyers

We collaborate with law firms that donate their time and expertise for a bigger impact. In support of ForeverGift's mission, each law firm helps you write your Will for free. 

This free service covers a "basic" Will, which refers to a Will governed by the laws of Hong Kong where you are leaving your Hong Kong assets to a few family members, friends and charities. Each Will should have one to four executors.


If you have complex family circumstances, own assets outside of Hong Kong, require setting up of trusts, powers of attorney or other legal documents or devices, you may need for pay a law firm for these additional services. Where that is the case, the law firm will provide you with a quote, and it is up to you whether to accept. We at ForeverGift will not be involved in these discussions or charge you any fees.


Vision & Mission

Around the world, people leave gifts to charities in their Wills to support a cause, honour a loved one, or be remembered for something that matters to them. Many charities rely on these gifts to create a bigger impact and to thrive in the long term.

Yet, not everyone is aware of this way of supporting the charities they love, or know where to get started.

Our vision is a world where everyone can leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the causes closest to their hearts.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to give and charities to receive the most impactful gifts.

Your most impactful gifts start here. Start by making a Will today.


Make your most impactful gift today.

Please contact our organisation if you have any questions about writing your will:

Phone: +852 5468 3635

Please contact Oxfam Hong Kong if you would like to know more about their mission and work:

Phone: +852 3120 5000

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Will do?

A Will is important regardless of how much assets you have. On one hand your can provide support for your loved ones, and make gifts to organisations you support. On the other hand, having a Will ensures that your wishes are made clear to friends and family, reducing the chances of future disputes, and the unnecessary pressure and costs involved.

What happens if I don't write a Will?

Your assets will be shared out following the legal rules of intestacy. This means the beneficiaries you have in mind may not receive the distribution of assets as you may have wished.

What if I already have a Will? Can I revise the Will to add a gift to a charity?

The most straightforward way to do so is to make a brand new Will. Send your old Will to us so we could arrange for a lawyer to revise it for you. Make sure you destroy the old Will to avoid confusion in the future.

Can I call you to make a Will, instead of filling in an online form?

Yes, please reach us on +852 5468 3635 so we can arrange a representative to assist you.

Who should I pick as witnesses to my Will?

A witness could be a friend, neighbour, colleague or anyone else who is above the age of 18. Make sure the witness or his/her spouse are not beneficiaries under your Will. If you use our service, we will arrange to have a lawyer and a staff member of that lawyer's firm to be your witnesses.

How many witnesses are required to sign on my Will?

Two. Both witnesses must be 18 years old or above. They or their spouses should not be beneficiaries under your Will. It is also important that both witnesses watch you sign your Will at the same time, and then add their own details and signatures to the Will. If your Will is ever contested in the future, your witnesses can testify that they watched you sign your Will.

Where should I store my Will?

After signing your Will, you need to keep it somewhere safe. Most people choose to keep their Will alongside other important documents, in a filing cabinet, drawer or a safety deposit box at a bank. It is also important that you tell your executors where your Will is stored, so they can easily find it when the time comes.

When should I update my Will?

We recommend reviewing your Will every two years. This is to make sure that any changes in your financial or personal circumstances are reflected in your Will, such as:

  • You getting engaged, married or divorced
  • You having a new child or grandchild
  • You buying or selling any property
  • You wanting to change any beneficiarie
  • Any one of your executors, beneficiaries or guardians dies

Is it possible to change my Will in the future?

Absolutely. If there are any changes in your circusmatcnes, which should be reflected in your Will, we suggest that you make a brand new Will. Make sure you destroy the old Will to avoid confusion in the future.


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