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Continuo Circle

Be forever remembered for igniting the passion for orchestral music for many generations to come


Leave behind a story like no other


Mr Daniel Ng (1937-2013)


Classical music and visual arts lover

Always a classical music and visual art lover, Mr. Daniel Ng (board member of the HK Phil 2006 – 2013) remembered the HK Phil in his estate with a special gift – a still-life oil painting of a violin by Flemish artist Edwaert Collier.


This gift not only reflected Mr. Ng’s passion for both art forms, but also his care towards the music organisation he cherished. The proceeds from his gifts was invested in a fund to support the education work of the HK Phil.


The HK Phil is grateful for Mr. Ng’s kindness and generosity.

Mr. Wong (aged 48)

Mr. Wong (aged 48)

Parent to 3 dogs Dogs are my life! They are my playmates, soulmates, and family. I can’t bear the sight of abandoned dogs... [Click to read on]

Ms Lee (aged 53)

Ms Lee (aged 53)

Domestic violence survivor There was a time when I had to live in fear every day. My ex-husband would beat me leaving me in wounds and tears. My biggest concern was the safety of my daughter... [Click to read on]

Mrs. Ma (aged 36)

Mrs. Ma (aged 36)

Daughter of cancer survivor My mom passed away from cancer when she was my age. It was a big blow to me... [Click to read on]


Make a Will in 3 Steps




Submit Your Wishes

To get started with your Will, simply submit your wishes through our online form



Lawyer Drafts Your Will


A qualified lawyer in our network will then draft your Will to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected, giving you a complete peace of mind.




Sign & Witness Your Will

When your Will is ready, we will arrange to have you sign it at the lawyer's office. The lawyer will explain the contents of the Will and confirm them with you, then witness your signature of the Will.

What do you care about?


You are a big fan of classical music. You've lost count of the number of wonderful evenings spent in the Cultural Centre's Concert Hall, a favourite spot of yours filled with amazing, melodious memories.


Or perhaps, as a young student, you have seen first-hand how the masters play music, an experience that has transformed your life and soul.


Does the above sound familiar? If so, you have lived the HK Phil's vision. The HK Phil believes it is important to inspire through the finest music-making. As Asia’s foremost classical orchestra, it is the HK Phil's mission to perform music which attracts and engages with people of all ages, and which makes Hong Kong proud.


Now you can make music part of your legacy. By leaving a gift to the HK Phil in your will (which you could do in your name or in honour of a loved one), you are helping to ignite the passion in musical arts in future youngsters and aspiring musicians. You will also become a member of The Continuo Circle - a recognition from the HK Phil exclusively reserved for those who are making an impact to the development of musical arts for generations to come.

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.

– Schubert

Leaving a gift in your will to a charity could make a big difference.


What would be your reasons for making a gift?

Be Remembered


Make a mark in history. Pass on your passions, values and beliefs to future generations.

Support a Cause


Continue to fight for the cause you believe in, and make the world a better place.

Honour a Loved One


Make the gift in the name of someone you care deeply about, symbolising a forever token of love.


Professional Support from Lawyers

We collaborate with law firms that donate their time and expertise for a bigger impact. In support of ForeverGift's mission, each law firm helps you write your Will for free. 

This free service covers a "basic" Will, which refers to a Will governed by the laws of Hong Kong where you are leaving your Hong Kong assets to a few family members, friends and charities. Each Will should have one to four executors.


If you have complex family circumstances, own assets outside of Hong Kong, require setting up of trusts, powers of attorney or other legal documents or devices, you may need for pay a law firm for these additional services. Where that is the case, the law firm will provide you with a quote, and it is up to you whether to accept. We at ForeverGift will not be involved in these discussions or charge you any fees.


Vision & Mission

Around the world, people leave gifts to charities in their Wills to support a cause, honour a loved one, or be remembered for something that matters to them. Many charities rely on these gifts to create a bigger impact and to thrive in the long term.

Yet, not everyone is aware of this way of supporting the charities they love, or know where to get started.

Our vision is a world where everyone can leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the causes closest to their hearts.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to give and charities to receive the most impactful gifts.

Your most impactful gifts start here. Start by making a Will today.


Make your most impactful gift today.

Please contact our organisation if you have any questions about writing your will:

WhatsApp: +852 5468 3635

Please contact the HK Phil's Development Department if you wish to know more about their mission and work:

Phone: +852 2721 2636

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 訂立遺囑的服務是否免費?我需要捐贈多少遺產,才可以享用此免費服務?
    只要你願意在過身後,捐贈最少港幣 $10,000 的遺產給最少一間合作慈善機構,我們便可為你透過律師免費訂立遺囑。
  • 平安紙和遺囑有分別嗎?
  • 遺囑有什麼作用?
  • 如果我不立遺囑,情況會怎樣?
  • 遺囑可以在訂立後修改嗎?
  • 除了捐贈,我可否分配遺產給親友?
    可以。遺產的分配完全視乎您的意願而定。 以下是一些參考例子: 例子(1) 🏠 所有物業 ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💰 剩餘遺產 90% ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💰 剩餘遺產 10% ➜ 慈善機構名稱:_______ 例子(2) 🏠 所有物業 ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💵 HKD 100,000 ➜ 慈善機構名稱:_______ 🏦 銀行存款結餘 ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💰 剩餘遺產 100% ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 例子(3) 💰 資產 50% ➜ 慈善機構 A 名稱:_______ 💰 資產 50% ➜ 慈善機構 B 名稱:_______
  • 我該如何分配遺產?
    遺產的分配完全視乎您的意願而定。以下是一些參考例子: 例子(1) 🏠 所有物業 ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💰 剩餘遺產 90% ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💰 剩餘遺產 10% ➜ 慈善機構名稱:_______ 例子(2) 🏠 所有物業 ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💵 HKD 100,000 ➜ 慈善機構名稱:_______ 🏦 銀行存款結餘 ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 💰 剩餘遺產 100% ➜ 配偶 (後備: 妹妹) 例子(3) 💰 資產 50% ➜ 慈善機構 A 名稱:_______ 💰 資產 50% ➜ 慈善機構 B 名稱:_______
  • 我是否要列出所有資產?
    如果您將所有資產加在一起,然後用百分比分配給不同的受益人,您便不須在遺囑裡列出個別資產的資料。 如果您把某些指定資產分配給指定的受益人(例如物業給受益人 A, 銀行結餘給受益人 B),為清晰起見,您須在遺囑裡列出個別資產的資料 (例如物業地址、銀行戶口號碼),但不用列明資產總值。 為了方便執行人日後尋找和處理您的資產,在訂立遺囑之後,您可自行預備一份資產清單,與您的遺囑放在一起。清單應包括您的所有保險計劃編號、銀行戶口號碼、物業地址等等的資料。您也可經常更新這清單, 而不用每次修改您的遺囑。
  • 可以選擇捐給什麼機構嗎?
  • 最少要捐贈多少?
    捐贈可以是特定金額, 或一個資產百分比,總值最低 HKD 10,000。捐贈的意思是把慈善機構寫在您的遺囑,分配您一部分的遺產,而不是現在捐贈。
  • 我的資產與親友聯名,可否寫進遺囑?
    如果物業或銀行戶口是聯名 (聯權) 的,會自動由其他聯權擁有人繼承, 不會成為您的遺產。遺囑可指明如果其他聯權擁有人都比您早逝,誰該成為受益人。
  • 遺囑可否處理保險金?
    保險金款項將直接轉移給保單受益人,因此不會被視為您遺產的一部份。 如果保單受益人全部比您早逝,或您沒有指明保單受益人,保險金才會成為您遺產的一部分。遺囑可以指明在這個情況下如何分配您的保險金。如果沒有指明,保險金會計入您的「剩餘遺產」作分配。
  • 這遺囑可以處理境外資產嗎?
    我們的免費遺囑服務只能處理你的香港資產。關於境外資產,你可以考慮另外訂立一份符合當地法律的遺囑,對日後遺囑的執行會較為方便。 如果你有英國資產,除了訂立一份香港的遺囑之外,我們可以代為安排在英國執業的律師,為你另外訂立一份符合英國法律的遺囑,以處理在英國的資產。如有興趣,可以在這裡登記:
  • 我需要自行找見證人嗎?
  • 我找不到適合的遺囑執行人,仍然可以用這服務嗎?
    我們可為您安排律師做執行人,費用會在您過身後,從遺產裡收取。如有需要,可以聯絡我們 (Whatsapp 或致電 5468 3635) 了解詳情。
  • 如果我已經有遺囑,可否加入遺贈的條款?

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