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Life begins with love.

 Leave a legacy of love.

​Your kind support helps advocate and promote autonomy for people’s end-of-life journeys, life and death education, and provides dignified, customized funeral services and support to families in need. Thank you!

Pre-planning for our end-of-life journeys is a thoughtful expression of love to remove unnecessary stresses over transition arrangements and lessen the mental burdens on family members.

Leaving a gift in your will to a charity could also make a big difference. What impact would you like to make?

Make a Will in 3 Steps

ForeverGift would make your Will for free if you are willing to donate a legacy gift that is worth HK$10,000 or more to Forget Thee Not. 





Submit Your Wishes

After registration, ForeverGift would get in touch with you to collect your Will wishes, including the distribution of your assets, and who you would like to name as beneficiaries.

Hand Drawing

Lawyer Drafts Your Will

A qualified lawyer in ForeverGift's network will then draft your Will to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected, giving you a complete peace of mind.


Sign & Witness Your Will

When your Will is ready, we would arrange to have you sign it at the lawyer's office. The lawyer would explain the contents of the Will and confirm them with you, then witness your signature of the Will.

Make your most impactful gift today.

Please contact our organisation if you have any questions about writing your will:

+852 5468 3635 (WhatsApp)

Please contact Forget Thee Not to learn more about their mission and work:

+852 3488 4933


Professional Support from Lawyers

Listed as a social enterprise on the SE Directory and sponsored by the Lee Hysan Foundation

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We collaborate with law firms that donate their time and expertise for a bigger impact. In support of ForeverGift's mission, each law firm helps you write your Will for free. 

This free service covers a "basic" Will, which refers to a Will governed by the laws of Hong Kong where you are leaving your Hong Kong assets to a few family members, friends and charities. Each Will should have one to four executors.


If you have complex family circumstances, own assets outside of Hong Kong, require setting up of trusts, powers of attorney or other legal documents or devices, you may need for pay a law firm for these additional services. Where that is the case, the law firm will provide you with a quote, and it is up to you whether to accept. We at ForeverGift will not be involved in these discussions or charge you any fees.

Around the world, people leave gifts to charities in their Wills to support a cause, honour a loved one, or be remembered for something that matters to them. Many charities rely on these gifts to create a bigger impact and to thrive in the long term. Yet, not everyone is aware of this way of supporting the charities they love, or know where to get started. ​


Our vision is a world where everyone can leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the causes closest to their hearts. Our mission is to make it easy for you to give and charities to receive the most impactful gifts. 


To date, legacy gifts made through our service have amounted to hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars, with over 100 charities named as beneficiaries. ​


Your most impactful gifts start here. Start by making a Will today.

+852 5468 3635 (WhatsApp)

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Legal advice and legal documents are provided by third party practising lawyers that have joined the ForeverGift platform. We are not a law firm and do not give legal advice.

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